New to Vietnam?

Want to know more about Vietnamese culture but don’t know where to start? Don’t have enough time
to explore it all? Then come to us, the Golden Bell Theater, one of the oldest and most historic corners in town!

Being the only one of its kind, our show presents to you all the sights and sounds of Vietnam through 8 performances of various traditional folk styles – all in just an hour.

Get nostalgic with the tragic love stories in Quan Ho singing, or be charmed by our irresistible Cham dance, chuckle at the bizarre couples in Ly Ngua O, and laugh and cry with our various styles of Cai Luong plays. We will provide simultaneous interpretation and a lot of visual aids to make sure that you will enjoy the show, experience the life, and understand the very soul of the Vietnamese people!

Come join us at the Golden Bell Theater and embark on a splendid musical journey through the beautiful lands of Vietnam.